Jumat, 23 November 2012

Masalembo Triangle in Indonesia

Masalembo triangle is a triangle similar to the Bermuda triangle in the Bahamas. Masalembo Triangle is located in the waters of the Java Sea, precisely meeting between the Java Sea Makassar Strait. If seen from the picture above, the islands are more likely to Masalembo Makassar strait sea than Java.

Still remember the sinking Senopati?? KM lotus?? Adam Air plane lost?? on January 27, 1981 KM Tampomas II burned and sank in the sea, in the sea.

There are so many accidents on the triangle massalembo accident, is actually what is happening in this massalembo triangle?

If we see from its unique geographical location, the triangular area contained Masalembo current flow of water that is not normal. Conflicts that occur between the current Java Sea (from west to east), ocean currents Flores (from east to west), coupled with a split flow Makassar Strait (north to south) make Masalembo waters flow into unstable areas.

Hardness collision between three waters, coupled with the cold sea water entrainment from the Pacific Ocean to Ocean Indonesia (15 million meterkubik water per second) and almost entirely through the Makassar Strait, disebut2 as the scientific explanation of the causes of this triangle into restricted areas.

So the bottom line in the triangle massalembo this only happens because of natural factors, it is not like the Bermuda triangle mystery until now full

Indonesia was never anyone who managed to get through this triangle, and they said they saw a very large bird and snake lau great, but I do not know they may lie, who knows?

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