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Dolls Mystery Okiku From Japan, Japanese Ghosts

According to people who never saw this doll, this doll is spooky with all the nuances of non-logical. How can inanimate objects can grow hair continuously.
Almost like jenglot in Indonesia, this doll is really beyond reason. A Japanese researcher revealed that the results of forensic tests which were grown doll's hair exactly the same with the hair at the age of 10 years.
Okiku name is taken from a child who was playing with dolls with a size of 40 centimeters tall, dressed in a kimono with black eyes beady and dense hair. Dolls Okiku Mannenji temple has existed in the city Iwamizawa Hokkaido Prefecture) since 1938.
This doll was originally purchased in 1918 by a young man named Eikichi Suzuki in sapporo, where he saw a beautiful Japanese doll with a Kimono. Eikichi purchased this doll for 2-year-old sister named Okiku, this kid really loved this doll and play every day.
But unfortunately, Okiku died shortly afterwards of a fever. Then at his funeral, family want to put the doll into the coffin of her but somehow they forgot. The girl's family then put the doll in the household altar and prayed for every day in commemoration Okiku.
Some time later, they saw the hair started tumbuh.Menurut this story is the spirit of the girl who took refuge in the doll.
In 1938 the family moved to shakalin Suzuki, stuffed okiku Mannenji finally deposited at the temple in Hokkaido. According to the priest of the temple, a traditional Japanese dolls are always short-haired, he also confirmed that okiku doll hair stretches, although the cut continued at regular intervals, but the hair grows steadily. According to the temple, the traditional doll initially had short cropped hair, but over time the increasing length of about 25 centimeters, up to the knees boneka.Meskipun doll hair is cut at regular intervals
This story has inspired a wide range of Japanese horror movies popular one is the movie Haunted School.

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